board-1614646_1920I have a broad range of experiences as a teaching assistant at Northwestern University for undergraduates, masters, MBAs and executive-MBA students in several classes on social networks, organizational design, organizational behavior, and probability and statistics. I am also the teaching assistant for a Northwestern MOOC or massive open online course, and have co-designed an online course on social networks.

Below, I highlight some sample courses:

Social Networks

2017 MSC 492 Understanding & Leveraging Networks (Prof. Noshir Contractor; Masters in Communications Course)
2017 & 2016 ISB-MFAB Developing Your Global Network (Prof. Noshir Contractor; Executive-MBA Course)
2016 IEMS 341 Social Network Analysis (Prof. Noshir Contractor; Undergraduate Engineering and Communications Course)
2017 MSC 492-6 Understanding & Leveraging Networks (Prof. Noshir Contractor; Masters in Communication Executive Education Online Course; co-designed course materials)

Organizational Design

2017 MORS 455 Strategy Implementation (Prof. Ned Smith; MBA Course)

Organizational Behavior

2015 & 2014 IEMS 342 Organizational Behavior (Prof. Bill White; Undergraduate Multi-Disciplinary Course)

Probability and Statistics

2014 IEMS 315 Stochastic Models & Simulation (Prof. Ohad Perry; Undergraduate Engineering Course)

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

2014 – Present Power Onboarding (Prof. Bill White; On-Demand MOOC)